Flat Reggie

Reggie has been a mainstay at Faith Lutheran Church since Pastor Joe’s arrival earlier this year.  He made his first appearance on Easter Sunday.

We call Reggie the “Lost” disciple.  He thinks he knows what’s going on, he sometimes believes that he was there when certain events happen in the Bible but he really has no idea.  He needs all the help he can get when it comes to understanding the Bible.

He comes our many Sunday’s during the children’s sermon at Faith Lutheran Church.  He loves talking with the kids and he loves learning from them about the stories that the kids are learning about in Sunday School and in church.

The one thing that he does know is that Jesus loves him.  Reggie knows that more importantly than anything else he is a part of a church and he loves the people of the church.

This summer you have an opportunity to get to know Reggie better by taking him with you wherever you go!

Below are “Flat Reggies” — They are pictures of Reggie that you can print out at home, cut him out and then bring him with you on your trips, vacations, church events or just while you are sitting at home.

Reggie loves gettings selfies taken with him and he loves hanging out at the beach.  You may want to take a few “Flat Reggies” with you and you can share him with a friend!

Once you take your pictures, you can email them to Reggie by sending them to reggie@faithgardner.org — you can upload them to Faith’s Facebook page to Flat Reggie’s Facebook page or your own Facebook page and use the hashtag #flatreggie

Thank you for participating in this awesome event we can’t wait to see what Reggie’s next adventure will be!!!

Flat Reggie PDF

Flat Reggie PNG

Flat Reggie JPEG

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